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GLASS HANDICRAFTS ( Glass Decor Items: Glassware & Chandelier )

Glass has been used as a decorative as well as functional medium since prehistoric times. Because of being transparent to visible light, it finds utility to create host of items. When it comes to manufacture best quality glass handicrafts, Fantowin is a reliable and reputed name in the market. Encompassing antique to ultra modern designs, our range includes utensils, home decor items, bar accessories and other products. Fascinatingly crafted our range of glass products is sure to bring a sophisticated charm and splendor in your ambiance.

The artisans of India are known through out the world for their skilled artistry to create the handicraft decorative, which have no match in terms of quality, designs and look. Fantowin has been making all of these glass Handicrafts by a team of talented, dynamic and committed craftsmen, who have an enthusiasm to create matchless and innovate designs. These craftsmen have inherited this skill from their master ancestors from generation to generation. Because of being crafted by hand, no product of our range is similar to others rarely. Our range provides the users wide options to embellish their decor from different angles.

We can also make and modify any design according to you, in different sizes*